On Monday, 30 May 2022 our classes KTF11 and TOK11 met in the city of Rostock to go on a touristic excursion. We went there with our teachers Mr. Müller and Ms. Beese, as well as our English teaching assistant Mr. Aibara.

We started near the Kröpeliner Tor gate at half past eight. The first presentation was on Rostock`s history. Then we walked across the city. Every student gave a presentation on a different attraction. We were allowed to visit the Petrikirche and Nikolaikirche churches, as well as the former monastery known as the Katharinenstift, and the impressive building of the Ständehaus from the inside. We also learned a lot about the habour, the city gates, the University, the city wall and the markets.

The point of the tour was not only to get to know Rostock`s sights, but above all to develop self-confidence and practise speaking in front of a large group.

We really enjoyed the day in Rostock.

TOK11 + KTF11